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Thursday, June 13, 2013

pen 08: uni-ball rollerball stic micro

so this is probably one of my top three "civilian" pens of all time. it's simple, straightforward, and gets the job done. in fact, this is one of the few pens that i go through, having used the ink as opposed to the others that need replacement due to age.

so, yeah, it's a fine ballpoint, the ink flow is fairly regular, the ink itself stands up to an eraser with only a little wear, the ink doesn't really bleed unless you hold it on one spot for ages, although as a heads up, if you ever put one in your pocket without a cap you will end up with fancy ink blotches on your pants and thigh... yes, i know this from experience.

the pen itself is durable, you could probably puncture a tire with one... we'll maybe, i haven't tried, but if you are a lady who
carries pepper spray, if you have one of these on your person you are never unarmed. that said, please don't go stabbing people for no reason.

the few downsides of this particular pen is that it can take awhile to fill in blacks, its far better suited for line work and detail, also they do tend to run out of ink. the other i can think of is that i have only been able to find them in bulk packaging, and in retail settings i think i saw them on sale for just under ten bucks. keep in mind that if you do buy in bulk the ink problem isn't really all that much a problem.

this pen is also good for more mundane things like writing checks, letters, taking notes, etc, etc...

its not the flashiest pen on the market but it is a consistently solid one, and for under a dollar a pen it really is a good deal overall.

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Aloquin said...

I honestly don't think I've ever seen this pen around, but it IS a goal of mine to try wach pen you review here :)