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Thursday, June 20, 2013

pen 15: faber-castell pitt F (fine)

i bought this pen from, err... i want to say michaels, but it might have been target during the back to school sale last summer. i had used things made by them in the past and thought that i would give the microns a break. they came in a pack along with two smaller nibs (xs, s) a brush and chisel pen...

be warned that they cost roughly the same as the micron set and sadly the price is really all that they had in common.

one of the tips bent the first time i used them, they flow well but i've had to go over lines a few times to get it really dark, and it's ink doesn't wear as well when erasing the foundation sketch... assuming that you want to erase it.

overall, if you're deciding between this brand and another, you best bet would be go with the other, like micron or copic. if that's all they have available these pens aren't the worst in the world and as long as you don't expect too much from them you should be fine.

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