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Saturday, June 22, 2013

pen 17: pentel rsvp fine

okay, so a few of you monkeys have been on my back, chattering, nay, screaming about today's pen: the pentel r.s.v.p. fine point.

this was actually one of the first pens that i drew for this site, but got caught up in the flashy pens like the sharpie magnum and the shiny cross. i can say that without a doubt this pen is the jack of all trades, and one that i favor for most tasks. it glides well, the ink sometimes tend to gum up on the tip causing blobs, the ink dries fast for a ball point, the line is consistent, it lasts forever, its fairly cheap and the tip is very precise, making things like taking notes or drawing very crisp and clear. really the only things that i'd say to watch out for is tearing through the paper (it's pretty sharp - i've used it in place of a stiletto in a few pinches), lending it out because its a good chance that you'll never see it again, and the tendency the bottom cap seems to have of unscrewing and coming apart in your bag; granted, this doesn't happen very often, but i've noticed it enough to mention here.

i have yet to see them sold individually in stores, mostly i've seen them sold in packages of four to twelve, ranging in price between $5-$11... except once where i saw them for a buck at the local dollar tree.

so if you're an artist, writer, or just need a dependable pen (sorry i couldn't help myself on that one.) this is a solid choice.

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J Dunn said...

Thank you for giving a day to my favorite writing pen! Love your drawings. :)