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Friday, June 28, 2013

pen 23: bic velocity

 today's pen is one that i probably would not have bought save for the bold declaration on the package claiming it was "the smoothest pen in the universe." if you don't believe me on this by all means go here.

okay, you back yet?


so yes, i was intrigued by the packaging and the relatively low price, a package of four cost $2.98 at walmart. i bought these pens, came home, and promptly forgot about them.

it was a few days before i remembered them, abandoned, still in the box, just waiting for me to use them. and use them i did.

so the question that you are probably wondering is if it lives up to its claim. saying that it is the smoothest pen in the universe (that we know of) is big talk, and yes the pen is incredibly smooth, it glides effortlessly one the paper, is it the smoothest terrestrial pen ever made? perhaps, although i'm not entirely sure how they measure that, although the scenarios that are going through my head right now are rather amusing.

so here's the deal.

the pen is on the fatter side, it has a rubber grip, it's a clicky pen, and the tip is rather large and blunt. this pen does glide vet well but it also puts out a LOT of ink, so if you aren't careful you could easily have a mess on your hands (that wasn't intended to have been a play on words but it works so i'll take it.) there is a tendency to goop up on the nib and deposit blobs that happen so often it could make one wonder if it was intentional. the ink is standard (i believe) ballpoint ink, it smears and smudges like all the rest, perhaps even more so.

when it comes down to it, i feel like the pen is more trouble than it's worth. writing is just as big a pain as you drag your hand from left to right (and may god have mercy on the heel of your hand if you are a lefty.) and drawing as well. it is a smooth ride but a messy one. i would hate to accidentally wash one of these with a load of laundry (yes, it does happen) or have it leak in a pocket during the day. if you're looking for a ballpoint that can fill space a little faster, go ahead and try it, and there are people who do like to use the inks ability to smudge to blur or shade their drawings and i would think it would be ideal for that as well.

if i liked getting materials over my hands i'd have stuck with conte crayon, pastels and charcoal.  overall, wasn't really all that impressed with this pen.

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