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Sunday, June 30, 2013

pen 25: uni-ball jetstream

today's pen is a bit of an extension from last week's battle over the smoothest ball point in the whatever. the uni-ball jetstream makes only the claims a smooth ink flow and ink that dries quickly. i can confidently tell you that it delivers on both selling points.

while it isn't as "slippery" as the velocity, it lacks the "bite" of the profile. it falls somewhere in between the two. this pen looks nice, it looks professional without costing a fortune, it does get a lot of ink in the paper like the velocity, but not as fast so that it is possible to build up tone and value. once you're committed to a line all you have to do is press a little harder and you get a nice solid line. the 1 mm blunt tip does mean that it works better in larger format but small detail work is possible if you're careful and patient.

these pens are a bit more expensive, you can get a four pack for just under ten dollars, but not too bad, especially when you consider that the pen is comfortable to hold for extended periods of time and, to be frank, looks like it could kill* someone if necessary.

*please don't go around killing people with this pen, it's just not cool.

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Aloquin said...

Love the vitality in both of these illustrations today :) Looks like a fantastic pen, indeed.

I am not going to comment on the word you marked with an asterik. I wouldn't want to... incriminate anyone.

Wait, is this being published on the world wide web?