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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

pen 28: paper mate inkjoy 550 rt

today's pen, the inkjoy 550 rt 1.0 mm, will set you back about four to seven dollars depending on where you buy them, this is for a pack of four pens. they can be found pretty much anywhere you can buy pens, and again, you can always order them online. since i dont know which pen went into production first (i'm being lazy and not bothering to look it up) it almost seems that this is papermates answer to to yesterday's pen, the bic pro +. it is roughly the same length with a similar rubber grip that covers most of the pen. the inkjoy 550 rt is slimmer, however, and for me, more comfortable to hold and use than the pro+. this pen also has an attractive hourglass profile that i did a poor job of  depicting
when held next to each other the difference is obvious, a metal unobtrusive tip versus a bulky plastic clip low profile grip as opposed to one that bulges...etc. the tip sizes are the same size however, both being 1 mm.
 so, all of that is what's going on on the outside, what we really care about is its performance, right? this pen has a smooth glide that maintains a bite on the paper, it is capable of both light sketch lines or shading build up and heavy black ones when pressed harder and several passes have been made, i tried to show this in the examples i've drawn for this entry, i don't know if i mentioned this before but the only alterations i've made in photoshop are sizing and any part of other sketched i decided to reject. the smooth consistent line this pen creates makes it good for gesture drawing, inking, or just sketching doodles while taking notes in class, this pen is a fine writing implement as well, it looks professional enough that you could use it to sign merger or tax documents and then use it to get the gum off your shoe at lunch and throw it away.

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