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Sunday, July 14, 2013

pen 39: paper mate pro-fit m

this was a pen that i was planning on reviewing last week, before i had the "awesome" idea to to a "green" week in reviews.

i am so glad that's over.

anyway, the paper mate pro-fit is a basic ballpoint pen, i happen to have used the medium, there is a fine version out there as well. these pens seem to have good reviews on amazon, there are no glaring defects, they are solid, have a contoured profile, the have a comfortable grip and has a retractable tip.

this pen is good for taking notes and sketching, the ink is dark enough to cover pencils, has a good range of values, has a good flow: does not skip or stutter, and has fair glide. unremarkably unremarkable.

the only criticism i have is that the ink does build up on the tip and leaves blotches if you're not careful. that =mess, you are warned.

the online pricing on these pens seem to average around a dollar per pen, and is worth the price, i don't feel strongly one way or the other, i know i didn't buy this one, i think i walked off with one from somewhere.

for the cost of this pen, i would just as soon have five basic bic cristal or round stic.

just saying is all.


J Dunn said...

While there is nothing left to be said of this "remarkably unremarkable" pen, I must say that I find it noteworthy that you do all of the drawings for these reviews in one day, every day.

Along with everything else you draw in any given day, this is truly remarkable.

Patrick Brennan said...

hush you ;) *blush* thanks!