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Friday, July 26, 2013

pen 51: pilot precise rolling ball v5&v7

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today i'm reviewing the pilot precise v5 and v7 ballpoint pen. as i mentioned in the video, these pens are great for sketching, inking, filling out paperwork, taking notes, these pens can pretty much do it all. these pens are solidly built, last for ages, the ink dries immediately so no real smudging, they are very clean pens. they are available in at least seven different colors they do not skip or stutter, they have excellent bite, flow and pretty much rock for just about anything you might want to reasonably use a pen for. i'm not sure if they are sold individually but i do know that they come in packs of two to five, ranging in price from around seven to fifteen dollars. they average a little higher per pen at the two and a half to three dollar per individual pen but they are worth the price easily, no doubt about it. while i'm not prepared to say that this pen is the "perfect"pen and that my quest is complete, i will state on record that this is a useful and versatile pen that anyone, or everyone should own.




Aloquin said...

At long last, you've reviewed one that I am UBERfamiliar with. In fact, the Fine is the only pen I used for my illustrations for over 20 years now. They ROCK. One slight disagreement, but I've found that you have to wait a *little* while after laying down ink before you can erase your pencil lines, or else the ink *could* smear. It's happened. But I only wait maybe 5-7 mins, and I can erase then. I really love these pens :) I'm so glad they made it onto A Pen A Day!

Aloquin said...

By the way, your illustrative rendition is fantastic! You made your drawings look spot on like the pens. Amazing!

Side note- sometimes the ink builds up within the grooves of the neck below the nib, and when you're using the pen, the ink happily decorates your fingers. It's mot a common.occurance, but it does happen.