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Sunday, July 28, 2013

pen 53: pilot bp-s better ball stick

the pilot bp-s fine tip pen is pretty much as basic as you can get, its roughly five pieces, the tip, end cap, ink reservoir, body and cap. bam. no fancy frills just the basics. i bought a pack of two for under three dollars so that should be some indication as to how inexpensive these pens are, especially when you buy in bulk.

this pen is not the smoothest pen out there with pretty poor glide, but the tip does bite and the ink gives you a wide range of values depending on pressure and passes. it has a consistent ink flow it doesn't skip or stutter, ink doesn't seem to build up on the tip, making it fairly clean and it is able to work well when it comes to detail work. it also inks over pencil without any problem.

on the packaging it does mention a comfort grip, which is really just grooved plastic on the body itself, not really sure that makes any difference or really counts when it comes to actual comfort.

overall though i would have to say that this is a good pen, especially for the price and one that i plan on keeping in my bag until i eventually lose it somewhere.

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