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Saturday, August 3, 2013

pen 59: sharpie calligraphic pen

today's pen, the sharpie calligraphic pen, is one of those rare pens that because of its very nature made it undesirable for drawing things like the pen itself. that is to say that this pen is not made for fine small detail drawing. since i have very very limited experience with calligraphy i can't tell you whether or not this pen is good for that pursuit, if someone out there has experience along those lines, please feel free to share that in the comments.

so what i can tell you is that this pen is great for filling in large areas of black spaces, outlines on larger sized pieces, and writing in "tagging" style lettering which i guess now that i think about it, tagging is really more or less a modern form or calligraphy... huh, i hadn't thought of it like that before now.

the tip is a felt tip, it will wear down with use, the ink flows well, produces consistent value and flow as it moves along the paper, the ink has no middle ground when it comes to the black or white value scale... it either is or it isn't and finally, this ink will bleed through the paper if you stay in one place too long or applying multiple passes on inked areas.

i believe i bought this pen at food for less, a discount grocery store near where i live, the price tag was under $2 and for that price this pen in a great deal. however, since i mostly do most of my inking digitally i probably won't use this pen very often, some examples being if i were drawing something for someone and they wanted an original, or if i'm working on a large format piece.

overall, this pen, made by sharpie, lives up to the manufacturers name, basically that it will perform well and that it will wear out probably sooner than later, i'm not hating on sharpie or anything, i'm actually a fan, but i'm also realistic enough to know the score when it comes to this particular brand.

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