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Sunday, August 11, 2013

pen 67: tul marker pen pp-1

since i wrapped up last week with a tul ballpoint, i figured i might as well go through the several pens i've had the chance to use from the same company.  today's pen, the tul marker pen pp-1, according to the bullet points on their website lists as follows:
  • Fiber tip provides precision writing 
  • Quick-drying ink reduces smearing
  • Ergonomic design gives optimal balance and writing precision
  • Rubberized grip provides writing comfort and control
  • Stainless steel clip secures to pockets and notebooks
to start, i think that i should point out that this pen is their version of pens like the sharpie ultra fine point, the sharpie pen, the pentel finito!, the pilot razor, the bic intensity and several other plastic tipped pens that are available on the market. for the sake of simplicity, i plan on comparing to the sharpie ultra fine point for this review.

the tip of these pens seem to wear better than the sharpie, the tip has bite and the flow is better, the main two differences in the ink is that it doesn't bleed through the paper, it will pool up a little if left in one spot too long or if you're going over the same area a few times, the other is the smell, unlike the sharpie, you can sniff this stuff all day and not get high or a headache which is nice when you're in an enclosed space. the ink dries just as fast and smudging isn't really a problem i've noticed. this is a clean pen,  that plus the tip size makes this an ideal pen for sketching, shading detailing, writing... the works. this pen does have a rubber grip for your comfort but i haven't noticed any real difference in comfort from pens with similar grips. as for the clip, i don't even see how that matters at all.

the cost seems to run around $5 or so for a pack of three, and a dollar something for individual pens, these you can find at officemax and might be a good way of seeing if you like them or not, most of the officemax stores i've been to have a pad of paper nearby so you cant test one before you commit to a purchase.

that said, this pen doesn't completely replace the sharpie, there are surfaces that the tul won't write on, for example, sharpies are less expensive and very disposable for another.

as far as recommending this pen, i would say that you owe it to yourself to at least go to the store and test scribble, like a test drive, you might just add another pen to your toolbox. i know that i have.

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