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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

pen 83: jot permanent marker chisel tip

today's pen is a transitional pen that bridges the chisel tipped event and heralds the wonders that can be found at the local dollar store.

the jot permanent marker chisel tip comes in a package containing two markers, bringing the price down to around $.50 a pen, this would be a great price if the pen was a quality pen - sadly, it is not.

while the producing company got the aesthetics of the marks-a-lot body style (which i suspect actually all the surplus pre-redesign of the marks-a-lot.) the similarities really end there.

to begin with the bitching and moaning... the durability: the body is solid, tough plastic that can survive things like wedged in them in a window to keep the glass pane from closing all the way, can be useful in sculpting due to its cylindrical shape and the odd sized cap can be used for odd detail. the cap also stays where it is supposed to be which is nice because the in will wreck your self if you don't check (the pen) yourself, yo. but these things are true of the marks-a-lot.

also, like the marks-a-lot, the pen bleeds, both seepage and through the page, especially on thinner paper, and the felt tip wears down even faster than the brand name version. also, i noticed that theses pens dry out insanely fast, granted, i used these pens rather heavily for the examples but i haven't had not only one but two brand new pens die on me for one of these reviews, as is the case here. the last thing that i feel i should mention is the smell of the ink. as you probably know mostly all of the pens in the permanent marker family have a strong and distinct odor, that to me is not always unpleasant, and unfortunately that is not the case with this pen. it is pretty vile and probably, doing irreparable damage to my body, brain and on some sort of molecular level, and any money you might save by skimping on this marker is going to be offset buy the price of a filter mask, respiratory inconvenience and possible super-cancer... okay, so i'm not a doctor and i really can't say that any of that last part is true (except that you might want to look into a nice filter mask - handy things those.)  the only thing that i would use these pens for is writing on signs, student government posters, lost dog/cat fliers, chemical warfare and moving boxes - anything that you dot really care about but need to do and you don't want to waste the money on a quality pen that's going to be destroyed by the first time it's used.

i do not recommend this pen at all. do not buy it and burn any that you might come across in life. it is evil.

evil i say, pure stinky evil!

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