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Sunday, September 15, 2013

pen 102: recollections signature special detail pen.

today's pen is another one of those gems that i stumbled across the other night at michael's. the recollections signature special detail pen, referred to as the detail pen henceforth, is a plastic tipped ink pen that seems to have been made by michael's or sold exclusively at that store, either way, this particular pen does not appear on their website and searches on the internet including sites like amazon and ebay have turned up not a thing. 


this pen has a solidly made plastic body, the tip - in this case .3 mm, is durable, writes well, has a fair flow and bite, is good for moderate detail work and covers up pencil lines with no problem. the ink doesn't bleed, either out or through and, having no value range between all or nothing is suited to shading by means of hatching and cross hatching. the detail pen is conservative when it comes to putting ink onto the paper so things like filling areas of black might be better left to pens like sharpies or the micro perm. i believe that this pen cost around $3, and for that price i would just as soon buy a micron or other similar and better established pen. would i buy another? no, probably not. is this a bad pen? not really but i am neither over nor under whelmed.
this pen basically whelms and that is really about it.

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