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Monday, September 23, 2013

pen 110: paper mate liquid expresso

today's i'm going to talk about the paper mate liquid expresso. two things jumped out when i started to look up "official" information  on this, that in the several years since i bought the pen i am currently still using, they changed the design or look of the pen, and the other was that on the the paper mate company website there is no mention of this pen whatsoever.


as i mentioned, i have owned this pen for at least five years, it's one of those pens that i see all the time in the various coffee-cum-pen holders i have on my desk. i cannot remember, however, where and exactly when i obtained this particular writing tool.

to start, this is a pretty good pen. it has a durable porous plastic medium sized tip, it had good flow, fair glide, and good bite. the liquid in the pen doesn't really bleed all that much including through the paper, unless you're really trying, i guess. the saturation of the ink is dark, with little range of values, it is basically all or nothing. the pen also lays down a lot of ink fairly quickly and takes a little bit of time to dry so this can be a pretty messy pen. it is ideally suited for tasks like writing and inking, it will cover pencil lines with no problem and because of it's heavier flow, makes inking in small to medium sized areas a breeze.

as for the drawbacks for this pen, there aren't really come to mind. it is a good pen, for whatever reason though it is not one that i really care to use and i don't really have a definable reason for this.

price: around $20 for an eight color pack, $27 for a dozen (one color) and $3 for individual pens. (these prices are from office depot's web site, you might find better deals on amazon.com


what they say:

office max
Exceptional ink flow — the feel of a fountain pen in an economical porous point
  • Superior ink flow eliminates the mess.  The holding reservoir dispenses the perfect flow of liquid ink with every stroke. Ink dries instantly and permanently so your pages stay clean and legible.
  • Bold, smooth lines make a statement.  This pen mimics the smooth writing experience of a fountain pen.
  • Tips are reinforced to prevent damage.  The tips are collared to resist bending and fraying so you get crisp, consistent lines with every stroke.
  • Translucent barrel for visible ink supply.  The colorful, extra-wide barrel is clear towards the tip to let you know when your ink is running low.
  • Writing won't bleed through paper.  Quick-drying, water-based ink helps prevent smearing and bleed-through.
  • Nonrefillable. 
  • Assorted medium-point 8-pack comes in a convenient vinyl pouch and includes black, blue, red, purple, pink, orange, turquoise and green. 
  • The extra-fine business 4-pack features 2 black, 1 red and 1 blue. 
  • The extra-fine fashion 4-pack includes red, pink, aqua and turquoise. 

Item # 754911
Manufacturer # 28503
ink color Black; Blue; Green; Orange; Pink; Purple; Red; Turquoise
point type medium
point size 1.0 mm
grip type checkered fingertip
barrel color Clear
pocket clip yes
quantity 8
brand name Paper Mate
manufacturer Sanford

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