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Sunday, September 29, 2013

pen 116: paper mate gel retractable 0.7mm

Today's pen is the paper mate gel pen retractable 0.7mm. this pen is a stylish black white and gray plastic retractable medium tip gel pen. the paper mate gel is a very basic pen, it writes okay, the ink is dark and has no value range, tends to skip and stutter, especially on longer lines, it doesn't ink over pencils well and really is just consistently inconsistent.

i know i usually have more to say about the pens i review but there just isn't that much worth saying. i really wouldn't recommend this pen, i can comfortably say that i doubt that i will ever use this pen enough to have it run out of ink, the only reason i haven't thrown it away is that it looks nice on my desk next to my cellphone.


cvs: $2.99 (2 pens)

office depot.com: $14.99 +s/h (12 pens)
staples.com:  $13.99 +s/h (12 pens)
amazon.com: from $8.50 +s/h (12 pens)
                     from $3.99 +s/h (4 pens)


what they say:

  • Specially pigmented gel ink delivers a superior writing experience for writing so smooth it’s guaranteed!
  • Won’t bleed through paper
  • Quick drying ink to prevent smearing
  • Never lose its exceptional brightness

  • Pigmented ink glides across the page for bold, smooth writing
  • Contoured grip adds comfort and control. 
  • Retracting mechanism helps prevent ink dry out. 
  • Stylish, attractive design.
  • Medium point
  • Black
  • Pigmented gel-ink for bold writing
  • Contour grip for comfort
  • 12 per pack
  • Bold, gel ink writing system.
  • Contoured cushion grip.
  • Visible ink supply.

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