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Sunday, September 1, 2013

pen 88: jot gel pens

today's pen, the jot gel pen, is another example that dollar store pens don't necessarily have to suck. these pens come in a pack of two, so $.50 a piece, they put a good amount of ink onto the paper, they have good flow, fair glide, some bite, it doesn't skip or stutter, the value range is poor, it is another pen that basically is all or nothing. the body of this pen is thicker than most, and has a rubber grip for comfort. there really isn't anything that sticks out one way or another about this gel pen, however, when i searched for the company on the internet i found some concerning customer reviews about the quality and practices that greenbriar international inc. seem to practice which kind of makes me wonder about the toxicity of the ink... it's probably fine but i don't plan on using these pens again and will try and find some place where i can recycle them. yes, they performed well but when there are other options that work better and have a better record with the quality of product they produce i don't see the point of supporting a company that just seems to be more than a little sketchy and no, that wasn't an intended pun.

dollar tree
yp customer feedback on company and it's products and practices ... not so good.

what they say:

Gel pens provide super smooth writing while comfort grip helps reduce hand fatigue. Great for offices, schools, bookstores, and resale. Case includes 48 – 2-ct. packs of Jot® retractable gel pens with 0.7mm tips assorted among packs of black pens with black ink and packs of blue pens with blue ink.

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Unknown said...

i love these pens i buy them a dozen or so at a time (only black ink) however after reading your blog i am akin to ask what other pens would you recommend? Im uber picky and these jot pens have been my fave.