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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

pen 90: pilot precise grip extra fine

so originally i was planning on reviewing another pen, but i was messing around with the pilot precise grip ballpoint and decided to go ahead and talk about this one.

the pilot precise grip extra fine is all in all an awesome pen. it's fairly clean, the ink is dark and it dries a little slower than some other pens i've talked about here, if you're mot careful you might smear the ink as it's drying. the ink is really all or nothing, it has a extremely limited value range between black and nothing. this pen is good for writing, sketching, inking over pencil lines and detail work. this pen has great flow - it doesn't skip or stutter - good glide some bite and is comfortable to use.

these pens are available in seven colors, including the traditional black, blue and red options and seem to retail between $3-$15 or so depending on where and the quantity you're purchasing.

there are other pens out there that do the job better, that are more precise, dries faster, but overall i would say that if you find one, or walk away with one on accident go ahead and try it out, otherwise it might be better to spend that money on a pen of equal monetary value and overall superior quality.


what they say:
Cutting edge design merges style and writing performance
Advanced Ink Feed System for smooth, skip-free writing
Patented Precise Needle Point Technology
Dimpled rubber grip provides writing control and comfort
Smooth writing liquid ink

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