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Saturday, September 7, 2013

pen 94: sharpie fine point pen

as we approach the 100th entry here on a pen a day, i have been trying to decide if i should make a big deal about it and while i probably will, i feel that my choice of pen ought to be a pen that really comes as close to the perfect pen as i have come to find over the years. i know that i am getting a little bit ahead of myself with this, but the reason i mention this at all is that if i had really thought this through, today's pen, the sharpie fine point pen might have been that pen i would have chosen.

sharpie makes a solid product, with the possible exception of the sharpie liquid pencil way back at pen 20, these pens deliver. they are reliable. period.

the sharpie fine point pen is an example of a new era of sharpie product. these pens are available in 10 colors, they no longer bleed out or through the paper, they are solid heavily saturated color and have no real range of value, these are all or nothing with very little exception. while these pens ten to dry out when used on acrylic or latex paint, these pens can ink over pencils and watercolors, mark on a variety of surfaces including metals and plastics to varying levels of permanence in the case of those last two.

these pens are found everywhere, the retail at safeway for about $6 for a pack of two, but while i was grocery shopping i found that these were on sale and i picked up a pair for under three dollars, so score.

i don't think i can overstate the versatility and quality of sharpie brand products. i almost don't even feel the need to tell you whether i recommend these pens or not.

sharpies are pretty much always a safe purchase.


what they say:

Won't bleed through paper. Write with confidence!
  • Won't bleed through paper and won't smear
  • Durable fine point tip delivers precise and consistent writing with minimal effort
  • Use it for taking notes, journaling, writing letters, making cards and more
  • AP certified non-toxic ink is waterproof and smear and fade resistant
  • Archival quality and acid-free ink for office and school work
  • Available in a 10 bold colors

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