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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

pen 118: unknown ballpoint pen "liberated" from denny's

today's pen is the pen that more or less is responsible for this blog. this is was the pen that i had used to sign the check at denny's, it wasn't until i got home that i realized that i had put it into my pocket without noticing. this happens quite often actually, i'm pretty notorious about that sort of thing.

after i discovered i has taken this pen from some poor waitress that was undoubtedly forced to take orders by using ketchup and her finger for the rest of the shift, i began to wonder what brand of pen this was. it had no cap nor markings on the body, i was looking on google for some hint, but to no avail.

so this is where i realized that i had to get into the habit of posting regular work and that i have a pretty extensive collection of pens and the real-life experiences that i have had using them.

so this pen is made of a metal body, covered in a grayish ribbed rubber sheath (and yes, know that there is an obvious joke in that). it is a medium sized ballpoint pen that had good flow, it doesn't skip or stutter, it had good bite, it interacts well with paper, the ink is capable of a fairly wide range in value and it covers pencil lines with no problem.

other than that i don't have much else to say about this pen, however, if you are reading this and happen to know what brand this pen is, and you tell me, i will draw you an awesome picture with any one of the nearly one hundred and twenty pens that i have featured on this blog.


Aloquin said...

I've seen the pen before, but don't know what it is :( I like looking at your illustrations, because sometimes there is evidence of... plotting? Not sure what the term is, but you draw a general circle and divide the face up to determine where the eyes, etc. should be placed. I am very envious of that kind of illustrating/cartooning because I never had the benefit of learning that process. Your work, as always, is fantastic.

Patrick Brennan said...

thanks! pleas, if you can, try to remember what kind of pen this is! its driving me crazy.

Patrick Brennan said...

please even.