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Monday, October 28, 2013

pen 138: bic for her

oh bic, the great equalizer... no, wait... huh?

today's pen is the fashionable, sleek, purple... pen for her.

im not really sure what to make of this. does the existence of this pen imply that all other bic pens are for men by default? does this pen somehow ease cramps, turn into chocolate, wear ribbons, or automatically dot "ï's" with hearts?

no, it just has curly q floral designs on its body and has purple or pink ink.

the bic for her is what i have come to think of as "fancy pens" or cosmetic accessory pens. the focus seems to be more on the look than the performance of the tool. this pen is a ballpoint retractable tip pen that is contoured in a sleek shape and has a rubber grip that makes extended use a little more comfortable. the ink is colored purple or pink, dries moderately fast has minimal value range and can be a little messy in that it will occasionally deposit ink blobs as it is used. the for her has fair flow and fair glide, it doesn't seem to have issues with skipping or stuttering and has a fair amount of bite. this pen is pretty good for writing, and it will ink over pencil, but because of the limited color choices it is not a pen that i personally would choose to draw with. maybe if i need to make a few corrections or something and can find a red pen or something like that.


as mentioned this pen is nothing special, especially when you consider that it works as well as a cristal or stic pen and costs a considerable amount more than both those pens added together and multiplied by thirty or so.

amazon.com: $7.15+s/h (two pens)
officesupplyhut.com: $3.78+s/h (two pens)


what they say:


  • Retractable ballpoint pen
  • Medium point: 1.00mm
  • Fun comfort grip
  • Modern design
  • Sleek pen silhouette and jeweled accent add style to her day.
  • Soft-contoured embossed grip for all-day comfort.
office supply hut:
  • Designed for professional women
  • Sleek pen silhouette and jeweled accents add style
  • Soft, contoured grip offers all-day comfort
  • Features Easy-Glide System for smooth writing
  • Refillable


Aloquin said...

See... you don't understand that many of us are visual learners, and therefore, although your words indicate it's "nothing special," your drawings make me want to own noth of these. Pink & purple. Now. (And yes, I would dot my i's with hearts...) :)

Patrick Brennan said...

:) thank you, that really means a lot to me, it's nice to know that the intent of this blog is being realized. you can also buy these pens at places like cvs, wallgreens, rite aid and wall mart... maybe target as well.