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Friday, August 30, 2013

pen 86: inc r-2 rollerball

i suppose that i should start off today with a note of questionable interest and that little tidbit was that i finally found the official website for inc brand pens. unfortunately the peachtree playthings website is colorful but woefully bereft of any actual information when it comes to their stationary line, all that was available is a gallery of pictures that show these products in their packaging and it's model name.today's pen, the inc r2 rollerball, is one of those pens that i feel confident comparing to a pen produced by a more mainstream pen company, in this case it is the bic z4+ roller. this pen does a few things well, at fifty cents you might really want to take a look at it. first it lays down a lot of ink, and fast. this pen is good for things like inking over pencil lines, filling large areas of black and to a lesser degree writing. i say to a lesser degree because this pen is a little messy, while the ink does dry fast it will bleed through the paper, especially when making multiple passes over the same area which you might have to do as the pen does have a tendency to have inconsistent ink flow, its skips and stutters. the glide is fair to poor but if you like a pen that interacts with the paper this is not necessarily a bad thing, really it depends on your preference. the price, again, is $.50 versus the $2 price tag of the z4+ and with the way they use ink, it might be in your best interest to save yourself $1.50 a pen... just saying is all.


what they say:

Controlled ink flow system helps you write smoothly and rubber grip by the pen tip provides maximum control! Great item for offices, schools, and resale. Case includes 48 – 2-ct. packs of Inc® R-2™ 0.7mm rollerball cap pens with black ink.

  • Long lasting ink supply
  • Controlled ink flow system helps you write smooth and skip-free
  • Soft comfort grip provides maximum control and helps prevent writing fatigue

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