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Thursday, June 6, 2013

pen 01: koh-i-noor rapido sketch

i thought about this a bit, the first pen - which to choose. i finally decided to go with the KOH-I-NOR Rapidosketch, it has the distinction of being the the smallest point size that i have used to date. also, it is not cheap, i believe i bought one at michaels a few years back for around twenty-five dollars (okay - not a fortune, but still...) i remember that the girl i was dating at the time gave me a bit of grief over the purchase saying something along the lines of it being a waste of money for a silly pen.

i will say this, its fragile, i think i broke the first one, returned it and discovered how FREAKING AWESOME it is for drawing detail, especially if you're neurotic or suffer from OCD. i added a few examples, just quick sketches, nothing fancy or anything.

another good use for this pen is detailing watercolor work, it will bleed if the piece hasn't dried, so depending on what you're trying to do, be aware of that.

its refillable, which is nice, india ink isn't all that pricey, and as im typing this i just worked out that i could easily change in colors, huh, guess ill have to test that out.

the pen does have its limitations, it is small, the smallest point size that i have used to date. the tiny size can get you lost in detail work for hours, and hours (trust me, i know) its a good pen for surgical strikes, sniper style, get in, achieve your objective, and get the hell out before somebody gets hurt(usually the pen itself sadly). seriously, if you need to get a lot of ink on the paper you might look into a more durable pen for the main lines and shadows and come back for the nuances. using this pen as your sole tool, would be like building a skyscraper out of toothpicks.

if you plan on getting one of your own i suggest that you look for one on amazon or other online retailer, and also that you NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES LET ANYONE ELSE USE IT... it will break and you will cry.

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Aloquin said...

Wow, amass enough of these posts, and you could have your own documentary on a cable channel... History? No, I mean Discovery. Heck, Stan Lee has a show... not sure what it is, but I think they test various people who claim to have super-human abilities. But seriously, this blog is MUCH needed... for example, there is a raging argument about which pen works efficiently on dried gesso... some say Sharpies work, but every Sharpie I've tried dries up when used on gesso, and it is very frustrating. But I digress... for someone with kids and a very busy and hectic lifestyle, a refillable pen is one step too many. I like to find pens that are waterproof, as I tend to work in a lot of mixed media. But that's only me... keep em' coming! I can learn a lot from you :)