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Friday, June 7, 2013

pen 02: sharpie magnum

since i chose the smallest pen i've ever used i figured the second post be about the largest.

i guess that size does matter. the original idea was to draw the pen with the pen, in this case it was more or less impossible, i feel like i should point out that only sharpie ink was used on this post.

the large chisel tipped marker is good for several different things, they fill in black spaces extremely fast, they rock when using large format paper or canvas, they are also good for graffiti and tagging... the last two i neither endorse nor condone.

in fact, because they are so often used for vandalism these can be difficult to find, and often require id to purchase.

sadly the sharpie magnum has limited use otherwise, unless you count using in an unventilated area for the buzz that comes from the fumes - potent stuff.

its crap for detail work, the newer it is the better, the ink lasts for awhile but the pressure on the tip wears the edges and corners quickly and at that point its a filler pen.

still, it is cheap for what it is and if you need to make a handmade banner or poster this might be the way to go. also as mentioned if you are working on a large scale this pen will save you lots of time filling things in.


Aloquin said...

Hrm... I do believe this pen would be ideal for graffiti in a blackbook... both legal AND awesome :) I like the tip... would love to get my hands on one of these. I'll have to go hunting around for this one... thanks!

Saint Muno said...

the magnum is a streaky marker (at least the old solid body ones were) the new design of the magnum and king size can be opened up so you can fill it with more ink when empty. another larger but no so gigantic marker that could be helpful is the pilot supercolor wide and broad... it has refill ink bottled and ready to go and is way less streaky compared to the magnum.