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Sunday, June 9, 2013

pen 04: paper mate inkjoy 700 ballpoint retractable

okay, i was planning on doing a different pen for todays entry, however, i started talking to an artist friend about the paper mate inkjoy 700.

at $20 for twelve at staples these pens are not going to break the bank, they are durable, have a rubbery grip that helps when you're drawing for extended periods and has a clicky-top.

honestly it looks like something apple would have made if they made pens.

the ink is nothing to write home about, it gets gunky and leaves blotches on the paper from time to time, the click feature is nice because you don't have to worry about losing the cap, and you can pretty easily annoy the frack out of anyone nearby by just clicking the pen over and over, not saying you should do that or anything, any damage to your body and/or property is solely on you.

the ink itself is nice, you have a good range of color, the pen can lay out heavy black lines and you can get a fairly good grayscale if you feather it or layer for that matter.

its a solid pen but there really isn't much difference in performance compared to the bic.

really the only reason to buy this pen over something cheaper is that it kinda looks cool.


Aloquin said...

There is no other comment to post but jealousy. No, I'm serious... NOT in a bad way, but I'm totally jealous of you. You didn't really know about the Ink Joys until I mentioned them yesterday, which means you only did these illustrations today. And they rock. I sketched my ICAD today and I am not happy with it, at all. The placement of the nose is off, etc. I won't digress, but you are awesome. OK, 'nuff said.

Patrick Brennan said...