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Monday, June 10, 2013

pen 05: sakura micron

i'm not entirely sure how i was introduced to this brand of pen. probably in jr. high or high school, but i'm fairly comfortable saying that the day i first used it was the day that i really became an artist.

i say that only because it was the same time i decided to start getting serious about art, you know as something more than "stuff i did on paper instead of doing classwork."

microns were my first adult love and the affair has been a part of my life longer than most of the people i know today.

i know i'm completely biased on this pen, but that's only because it has never failed to perform.

you can (and i have) spend sixty dollars or more on other brands, i have yet to find another that works as well, especially considering the price, $2-$4 a pen and under $20 for a set.

they come in a variety of sizes ranging from .005 - 08 with brush and chisels options as well.
these are pens i rarely draw with, when i do i tend to draw more angular, with sharper edges, mostly i use them for inking before i scan things into photoshop.

the ink dries quickly and doesn't smear, it can bleed depending on the paper and how long you hold the pen in one place. the only thing that i can think of that is a drawback is that they are fairly fragile and pretty easily if you're a heavy handed artist.

as i said these pens are perfect for inking, they last long and are great for detail. one thing about the inking is that many of the sizes are so precise that its easy to get carried away and over detai something, making it look cluttered, old (lines look like wrinkles) or distracting...
resist that urge, like anything else, if you keep picking at it, it will only get worse.

other than that, if you haven't tried this brand of pen, you really owe it to yourself to try at least one, i love these pens so much, if i were a richer man i would say if you go out and buy one and hate it send it to me and ill buy it off you... but sadly i am not... and anyway i doubt that many of you would have to... you simply will love these pens.


Aloquin said...

The illustrations here are phenoomenal... is the male you? He looks... introspective? Undecided? Hrm...

For over 20 years my "Weapin of Choice" was the Pilot Precise V7 Rolliing Ball (Fine). I used to always go over my pencil lines with tthis pen, buut it wasn't waterproof. I think I would like to check out the Micron. I love tthe Sakurra Glaze in black, but it runs oout very quiickly.

Patrick Brennan said...

yeah, the ones i've had, have lasted for ages, although it might have to do with me laying down line inks and mostly filling the black in photoshop, you can see the difference between the two images, the one of the guy being filled in ps. mostly with this blog i'm trying to keep it as un edited as possible, thus the images aren't all that clean and the art sketches are generally quickies that i do between other projects. pretty much everything here is rough.

yeah the male is a totally not me me, if that makes any sense.