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Sunday, June 16, 2013

pen 11: bic round stic

so yeah, i know that i did a post on the bic ultra round stic gripa few days ago, but i found this pen in a bathroom draw that hasn't been cleaned out in like seven or eight years.
so i decided to chose this pen to illustrate the validity of what i was talking about in that former post. this is a perfect example of what i was saying, here is a pen that was abandoned in a dark drawer full of things with harsh chemicals like acetone and cleaning product and after a few minutes of getting the ball to literally roll, functioned like it did when it was fresh out of the box... now you can say that any pen under those circumstances would hold up, you would be wrong. after moving home from college, i had to leave most of what i had packed in neat boxes in my mom's garage. the weather here is pretty mild and packed away safely in a interior setting i figured they would be safe.

what i discovered, was that if you leave and entire 144 pen prismacolor set in those conditions they will dry out after six years or so.
the same was true with many of the other specialty pens i had neglected for so long.

this pen really is more or less the same as the ultra round stic in all the pros and cons i listed there, i know it's not an exciting, or revealing write-up but basically i just really wanted to show all of you what i was talking about.


Aloquin said...

I LOVE her. There's something about this illustration (BOTH the pen and the girl) that I really am digging. LOL I definitely want to get her on a shirt!

Patrick Brennan said...

thanks J, :)