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Monday, June 17, 2013

pen 12: bic atlantis

today's pen was an impulse buy, i was at safeway minding my own business when, BAM, i was ninja sneak attacked while walking past the office supply section, i wrestled with the urge to buy and way doing well until i noticed the name, "atlantis."

as in lost civilization? was this pen salvaged from that doomed contenant? was it technology that was so advanced and then lost for millennia?


its just a cool name that really doesn't live up to the expectation the moniker would imply.. or is it infer?


it's a decent pen, a little under a dollar a piece, it writes well, the flow and glide are average, the ink smears and gets all over the side of your hand if you are drawing too fast, it does have the whole "clicky" thing going for it instead of a simple cap, which is nice because i tend to lose ballpoint caps, and sunglasses for that matter, but i digress.

i decided to do this week's prompt from illustration friday which is worn.

on the right of this post the last two drawings are the rough sketches, unedited, you are welcome to go to fifty-two fridays and see the finished drawings if you're at all interested in the process, or at the very least how they turned out.

back to the pen.

it's simple, it's cheap, good for doodling, taking notes, making lists and, if you are really clever you can take it apart and make a fun spring powered projectile toy with the pieces.

nothing really bad about the pen, just nothing about it stands out about it to me.

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