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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

let's face it, art historically hasn't been the most eco friendly pursuits. we require materials, wood, metal, stone, our supplies as well,  and other things that we use, like paints and chemicals, acids and all sorts of other hazardous materials that need to be handled with care. we mess with mercury, lead, acetone and asbestos. all the pencils and pens the latex and paper, plastics and... well you get the idea.

while i may not care the way that some people do in regards to the environment that doesn't mean that i go out of my way to make things worse, and when i can, do something positive for it if it isn't too much work.

sadly most of my experiences with recycled materials have not been positive, it was only recently that i noticed that there were pens on the shelves with  the little green arrows on them and i thought to myself, does the quality of my tools have to suffer if i want to do the the "right" thing by switching over to "green" materials?

over the next few entries i will try to answer that question. 

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