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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

pen 34: sharpie pen stylo (green)

i don't think that today's pen is technically one of those recycled pens that i've been seeing around in stores lately, i tried looking it up and didn't see anything about whether or not it was constructed out of recycled materials and the powers that be over at sharpie didn't bother letting us know about it on the packaging.
anyway, the sharpie pen stylo has a stainless steel body with a tip and reservoir that can be replaced.
this seems to be one of the new trends, or sales model that pen companies like sharpie are trying out.

but is it eco friendly?

the initial cost of this pen is between $3 - $10, not cheap but not bad when you consider what sharpies cost anyway, the refill replacements cost around around $5 for two.


the parts that you keep, the cap and the body are heavy duty stainless steel, this pen has a nice weight to it. one of the reasons i bought pen was that looked cool, with the added bonus that it would take a LOT of effort to damage this pen, it makes a great traveling pen, it's a beast. the refillable portion is a reservoir connected to the grip and tip of the refill unit. also the tips themselves seem more durable than the fully disposable units such as the sharpie ultra fine point other than that, the one drawback that i've noticed is that the ink is not as dark as its disposable counterpart . it may however that the pen has a new type of ink advertised not to bleed through the paper. overall, i am happy with this pen and it has definitely earned the right to be called a sharpie.

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Aloquin said...

Loving the chic with the tats :) I love Sharpies. I wonder why they wouldn't put that information on their packaging? Whatever. I want to get one of those monster big Sharpies... have no clue how much they are. One day.