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Saturday, July 6, 2013

pen 31: paper mate eraser mate

after using today's pen, the paper mate erasermate, i feel like i owe someone an apology, pen 20: the sharpie liquid pencil. while i stand by most of what i said in that review, i will admit that i may have been a bit hard on that pen.
after finding the eraser mate in a box of pens i found in one of my old boxes i thought i'd give it a try and see if my memory of those  types of pens were accurate and not just something that i thought was lame fifteen plus years ago and is therefore still lame regardless if any improvements have been made..

what i came to was the conclusion that the sharpie wasn't all that, but it is a better choice between it and the eraser mate.

these pens can be found in different quantities, between one and four dollars online for a pack of three, i know that you can find them most places that carry a good selection of pens.

the ink, it does have a good variety of tone, although true or deep blacks are kinda hopeless, it doesn't dry very fast either, i don't know if thats why the ink is "erasable"" but whatever, the result was that i wound up with a ink stained heel of my hand and smudges all over the paper. the pen does have a tendency to stutter, it doesn't glide well although it does have a good bite, the flow was an issue like i said, it had to be scribbled on a separate piece of paper to get it flowing again several times during the sketching phase, the eraser seemed to wear out quickly and the lines Ă«rased" would only mostly go away, especially if you pressed hard when writing or drawing. the construction is pretty   solid. equal to one of their generic papermate med pt. pens, a pen i haven't gotten to reviewing here yet.

okay, so, it's not as good as the sharpie, and the sharpie wasn't all that wonderful in my opinion, fir me its a waste of money and possibly a good drawing that looks like crap because it was done with inferior tools, would i ever buy one again? probably not, at least not until they improve the technology. (i'm not holding my breath.) 

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Aloquin said...

Little quality though it may have, the pen may not be great, but yhe drawing doesn't loom like crap. In fact, I was looking at the nose & lips one and realizi.g, again, that you have significant talent.