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Sunday, July 7, 2013

pen 32: pentel rsvp rt

so about a week ago i looked at the pentel rsvp, a personal favorite and apparently a favorite among a few of my fellow artists as well.  the other day i was shopping somewhere, probably wal-mart or something, and i say this, all of the wonders of the rsvp but with a clicky top!

you may be wondering why it matters, why i care... at first i was wary, ive been burned before, they change the shape and who knows what all else will be different as well. this has happened, they roll out a new pen under the same name and went ahead and changed the tip or the ink or whatever... i am glad to report that this pen is the equal to its sibling, the capped rsvp, with one exception.

one of the few complaints that i had about the rsvp was that, for whatever reason, the bottom screw on cap often comes off in my bag, or pocket, and i end up losing pieces or the ink leaks, etc'... i'm sure you've been there.

well i'm happy to say that the whole "retractable tip" feature fixes any such problems, buming this pen to five star status, which is rare. i love this pen. they come in a variety of colors now as well, and for around a dollar a pen, its worth the money.


i'm pretty sure that you will love it as well.


J Dunn said...

I almost bought a pack of these. Now I won't leave without them. Thank you! :)

Patrick Brennan said...

i had a feeling you would interested these. :) please, if you do buy them let me know what you think.

Aloquin said...

Will be certain to give them a try!