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Thursday, July 11, 2013

pen 36: pilot b2p (bottle 2 pen)

today's pen is the pilot bottle to pen gel roller. this pen is the second recycled pen that i have intentionally brought. depending on where you get them, these pens average around a dollar a pen, they are "clicky" and have a see through bluish body.this pen lacks a rubber grip, sporting indentations in the plastic, although i'm not sure if it is form or function, either way its made from unforgiving plastic.

on to the ink. good news, it dries instantly - very clean, but, well, it is a gel pen and although i am not the biggest fan of the gels i have to say that the ink dispersal is consistent, with no skip or stutter, its not the smoothest pen on the market, there is quite a bit of bite, which i personally like... otherwise i might as well do all my drawing on a tablet. the body doesn't have that same cheap plastic feel, it has a bit of weight and the fact that you can clearly see how much ink you have left is helpful.

this pen is good for writing and sketching, it doesn't allow for all the pretty grays in between black in white so if yourré freehanding it you probably should be confident that you know what you want, if not, lay some pencils down and you'll have no trouble inking your lines with this pen afterwards. i found that this pen made for a not bad filler pen but also useful for not only inking but gesture and contour drawing as well.

overall this is a versatile pen that happens to be made mostly from junk.


Aloquin said...

Have I mentioned that your expressions are awesome? And, sorry if you did mention this previously, but what is 'bite"? I've read it several times when you discuss a pen.

Patrick Brennan said...

hey, thanks! um, the bite... its not the technical term, but what i'm talking about is how the pen interacts with the paper, its not quite glide, or smoothness, friction maybe, i probably ought to look up criteria for reviewing pens.

Aloquin said...

No! Technical mumbo jumbo. I enjoy the way YOU review the pens. I just wamted to kmow what you meant ;)