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Friday, July 12, 2013

pen 37: pilot precise v5 go green

i actually have had this pen for a little over a year now, i only realized that it was a "green" pen last week, go figure.

the pilot precise v5 be green is recycled, refillable, doesn't feel like a cheap piece of junk and looks pretty spiffy. it is the eco-friendly version of the precise v5 extra fine point.

i am about to type something that i honestly never thought i would. this pen, is superior in every way to the original.

it glides, it's precise, it doesn't bleed. it has a strong consistent flow, does not skip or stutter. the ink is dark, its pretty much all or nothing but it rocks at true blacks, not the best choice for a filler pen, unless you're hatching, cross hatching, stippling, or some other neurotic shading scheme. the in also dries immediately. a very, very clean pen.

it. is. awesome.

the prices vary, they can be a little expensive if you can find a pack of two for around $8-$10, go for it, theres a price break at three and another at packs of twelve, those running around $20 or so. these pens are also refillable, a pack of two reservoirs go for a few bucks.

if you are a fan of the v series i highly recommend this pen. it is good for writing, things like forms and crosswords, the tip is strong enough for triplicate forms - bonus, good for jotting down notes, sketching and inking over pencil lines.

this is one of those few times that i rate a pen a five out of  five.

go, buy one, now.

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Aloquin said...

But... it's 6:47am... no store that sells them is open now ;)