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Friday, July 19, 2013

pen 44: papermate profile elite

today we're looking at the paper mate profile elite, which i suppose is that upgraded version of the paper mate profile that i talked about twenty pens ago... no that wasn't intentional, life is just funny that way sometimes.

i'm sitting here trying to think of the best way to review this pen, ill start with the cost, the package i bought held four of these pens and the price wall a little under $8 at safeway, so it's probably cheaper on amazon or wall mart, but $2 for a pen seems to run around average.

like it's mundane counterpart, paper mate extends the claim that this is the world smoothest pen, i'm not sure how that works, but i will say that it does write a bit smoother than the profile. the pean boasts a thicker tip, 1.44 mm, making the lines bolder and heavier. it lays down ink fast and dark. unlike the profile, there isn't the same range of value between all and nothing. more or less, you'd bet be sure that you like that line or have a bit of whiteout standing by, which looks like crap anyway so save yourself a headache and just be aware and conservative with your "strokes."  the ink itself is dark and good for things like fills and inking over pencils or another, lighter pen.

aside from that the pen is a bit longer, and the grip a little more comfortable than the basic profile. writing with this pen is fair, as long as you enjoy writing a bit larger than i tend to, it would be a good pen for simple signs or passive aggressive notes left throughout the house or apartment.

overall, i wasn't blown away with this pen, for the money, i'd just as soon buy something else next time... although i now have four of these that i'm probably never going to use...

i just had a minor epiphany, perhaps i should donate these extras to kids in need, the school year is coming up and i know that there a lot of children that need supplies.


Aloquin said...

If you're serious about the donating to the kids, I think that's great. You could also host a giveaway for your readers... but then, you'd have to pay for the postage of the prize to the winner... never mind. Kid's in need, much better. Definitely.

Patrick Brennan said...

yeah, i thought about doing a contest, but i don't really have the money for postage and i don't think that there is that big an audience right now for it to work, i'm pretty sure that you would be a constant winner ;)

Aloquin said...

That's why I thought of it! Oh wait, I just totally gave myself up... um, lol? ;)

Unknown said...

Just now finding this. It's strange because I found the profile in a junk drawer once and was really surprised by it. When I saw the elites in the store, I bought a four pack, thinking this would be an even better writing experience than my little junk drawer pen, but sadly, I felt like the profile was better and smoother. Might have to revisit.