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Saturday, July 20, 2013

pen 45: uniball vision micro

the uni-ball vision micro is a great example of a quality pen that doesn't scream for attention and just quietly and reliably goes about its business. this pen is a solid product. the ink is dark, it has a great balance between glide and bite, it flows consistently, doesn't skip or stutter, and makes for a great pen to ink over pencil lines.

the ink dries fast, smudges only a little, and that's when you're trying to, the ink does not build on the tip, cause blotches, and has a little amount of bleed. this pen will bleed through paper if you concentrate in one spot for too long bit other than that the vision micro is a fine pen top add to your collection weighing in at around $2 a pen it falls comfortably in the average price range. it has other practical uses, it writes well and is great for things like notes, crosswords, writing checks or journaling. 

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