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Sunday, July 21, 2013

pen 46: pilot friXion clicker 07 erasable

so something new here... a video! it occurred to me that i have a voice, a web cam and a new pen... so yeah. 

the pilot friXion erasable pen is the first erasable pen to live up to the name. i have featured one such pen, the sharpie and wasn't all that impressed, the other erasable pen i have is the paper mate erasermate, which i haven't gotten around to posting at the time of this post. the frixion set me back $5.99 for a pack of two at rite aid, i've seen these pens at other stores around town and have been dragging my feet in anticipation of another disappointing product.

it is not often i get a pleasant surprise, the ink is rather light, more charcoal than black, it doesn't goop up or smear, the pen has a good flow as long as you get it warmed up and don't make a lot of quick movements and and glide and bite ratio is pretty fair to good.
aside from the quality of the ink another thought out feature is the way they designed the clicking mechanism, instead of putting it on the top like most pens, they used the clip to be a sort of sliding trigger that took me a few seconds to work out.

overall this is the first pen that i would say is a true erasable pen, they are  a bit expensive and i'm not really seeing any advantages over a regular pencil. as a novelty it is pretty cool, i suppose it could make taking notes easier or something but thats about as useful as i can think of off the top of my head.

is it worth the cost? 

for me, no, not really.

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