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Monday, July 22, 2013

pen 47: pilot friXion point xfine 05 erasable

okay, so this pen is basically the non-clicky version of the friXion clicker that i reviewed yesterday, there are a few differences and there are a few new things occurred to me as i used it today.

the ink is the same, and refills are available, many of the office supply stores sell them over the internet the prices i saw on officemax.com and amazon.com ranged between $3-$10 depending on quantity and the other variables that come alomh with ordering online. i'm not really how much of a carbon footprint the outer shell makes but i bought two of these pens, brand new for $4.99 before tax... so yeah, if you're willing to pay more to save a few plastic trees that's entirely your call.

the refills do come in different sizes as you can see in the video, i just discovered that they are interchangeable you you could effectively have several different tip sizes that could be swapped out, or if the body breaks or whatever you can use the ink reservoir as a backup. neat.

the other bit of criticism that i made last night was the darkness of the ink, which isn't all that dark, i was thinking about this earlier and the ink wasn't any lighter than the the gray le pen that i reviewed a few weeks ago, and has the bonus that it is completely erasable.

i guess the overall conclusion that i've reached with the pilot friXion line is that i like it, and to address the statement i made about this pen not having any advantage over a pencil, is that there is one major plus, you won't

break the lead and you will never have to sharpen it.

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