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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

pen 49: pentel energel 0.7 bl107

today's pen, the pentel energel, is a retractable gel ink pen that boasts a refillable body and is comprised of 84% recycled plastic for those of you out there who care about such details. this pen is currently (as of the time of this post) available at staples for a mere dollar. yes, that's right, one u.s. dollar. for your single buck you get all the above and in addition, you get ink that dries quickly, won't bleed or smudge, and a latex-free grip. this pen had a medium smooth glide, good bite, doesn't spot, skid or stutter, is good for inking, drawing and writing and in case i didn't mention it, IT"S CHEAP AS HELL. looking on amazon i found the refills going for around five dollars a piece and it makes me wonder if this refillable disposable pen concept wasn't a little ill conceived. i would think that the whole idea would be to make the refills cheaper than the pen itself but then again, i am not an economics or marketing analyst so what do i know?

well, i do know that it's a solid product for the right price.

go, buy one.


Aloquin said...

LOL, I love the often comic wit with which you comprise your posts :) A $ dollar? Seems pretty sweet :) I also LOVED your videos! I just couldn't watch them from my NOOK (it acts funny re: vids) but I finally grabbed my headphones and watched them on my phone. Make more :)

Patrick Brennan said...

that's odd, i wonder why it wouldn't play on a kindle... oh well. as for making more, i'll be posting the latest review in a little bit ;) i was hoping you would like them.

Aloquin said...

My NOOK is getting on in age, and oft times gives me grief with any video I try to watch- very annoying :(