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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

pen 48: uni-ball signo 207

i guess one of the new things in gel pens is color infused black ink, or black infused colored ink. either way it's basically a dark ink that, depending on the light and color looks like a deeper hue or just black. the uni-ball signo 207 is a retractable tip, or "clicky" pen. it flows well, it dries quickly, does not skip or stutter, doesn't bleed and barely smudges. it comes with a rubber comfort grip that is comfortable and lowers the chance that it might slip from your fingers. these pens come in a variety of colors, including classic black and blue i bought these for $2 a pen at staples, and i have since seen them at other stores as well. 

from a practical standpoint, for me, the color isn't all that important as i do most of my coloring work digitally these days. if you are someone who likes to have different color options when drawing and writing, these pens are average price, neat colors and will last you for a while.

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