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Monday, August 5, 2013

pen 61: papermate ballpoint stick pen, fine

yet another example of a basic pen yielding unexpected and quality results. the papermate ball point pen (there is no other markings in regard to a specific model outside of the f, for fine point) is one of those workhorse pens that are reliable, solidly crafted, long lasting and inexpensive as hell.(edit: after a brief internet search i learned that the full designation includes: "ballpoint stick pen") on on the sam's club webpage they are being sold a dozen for a little over $1.50, office depot has a dozen for a little bit more but still under the $2 mark.

to begin the pen has a good interaction, there is a definite bite to this pen, you may need to warm it up a little, especially if you haven't used in in a while, but once its going, there is little skipping, stuttering, it will give you a consistent line and has a great range of values in the  color intensity.
the ink is fast drawing - it may smudge a bit, especially if your are putting a lot of ink in one spot, it may stain the heel of your drawing hand but you can fix that by putting something like a tissue or another piece of paper to rest your hand on while drawing or inking.

this pen is also good wor writing, its clear, precise, and capable of making those fine lines of detail you might want, especially if you write small.

should you own one? sure. as mentioned this pen is available pretty much everywhere, is cheap and tend to have a long career in regards to remaining usable over a period of time, i honestly can't think of any reason not to use this pen, especially when you don't have access to those fancier pens that we pen lovers tend to obsess over. all in all a good solid choice for making lines on paper.

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