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Sunday, August 4, 2013

pen 60: papermate kilometrico plus

today's pen is a blast from the past. the kilometrico is a pen that was purchased sometime in the 90's for back to school supply shopping. in some way i think it is a little fitting that summer vacation is coming to an end and everywhere i go i see people stocking up on their school supplies.


i have no idea how this particular pen managed to survive being in my possession for at least 16 years, through several moves around the state and various purging attempts to streamline all the dumb crap i've collected over the years. it is a little amazing when i think about it.

after an exhaustive five minute search, the only place i could find that carries these pens were located in australia and won't ship international. these pens are discontinued in the united states as far as i can tell, and while they do have some good points i'm not entirely sure if that is any great loss.

the pen itself is more or less a typical ballpoint pen, much like the paper mate write bros. the body of this one is a real unfortunate magenta with a blue tip. the pen has poor glide, need to be warmed up, occasionally skips and stutters... oh and the ink has a particular smell that i cant really decide if its good or bad... its probably toxic and is giving me super cancer as we speak, er, read.


the lack of glide isn't all that bad, i personally like pens that interact with the paper i like friction, i like feeling what i'm doing when i draw. another plus is that the ink is a really cool dark blue that i haven't seen in any other pen i've used over the years.

since there almost no way you can get your hands on this pen it doesn't really matter if i recommend it or not. as an oddity and having such a funny name it may be fun to use but there really isn't

that much difference between this pen and the other basic pens that paper mate still produces.

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