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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

pen 63: bic intensity

this is a pen that was made for delivering bold, strong lines. the intensity is bic's plastic tip version of the sharpie ultra fine point, less the distinctive smell and tendency to bleed through the paper. good for writing and drawing.

in regards to drawing the intensity makes for a nice freehand tool as this pen seems to have a little trouble - drying out - when inking over pencil lines, requiring a bit of scribbling on the side to get things moving again. this pen otherwise has a fair glide, good bite, reasonably even flow, dries quickly, doesn't smudge, is water resistant , and is affordable, i paid $6 for a package of five.

i probably wouldn't go out of my way to buy any more of these pens but i will happily use the ones i have from time to time until i either lose them or they dry up. overall a pen that does almost as good as other pens that share similar characteristics.

not bad but not all that good either, in a word, mediocre.

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