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Thursday, August 8, 2013

pen 64: eberhard-faber 3000 permanent marker chisel-broad tip

today i'm going to talk about the eberhard-faber 3000 permanent marker, a pen that is still trying to cling to relevancy in corporate america - vying with things like power point presentations and personal hand held tablets and other devices.

at a whopping $5 for a dozen, this pen does have price appeal, but having used one, i'd say that's pretty much all it really has going for it.

i have checked the description for this marker and i would say that at least a few of the claims were accurate.

they call it "cost - effective" i'd call it cheap, it does dry almost instantly but that unfortunately includes the tip itself, the 3000 is a fairly clean pen in that regard, but the claim that it makes "bold, vibrant" lines... not so much, in fact it takes several passes before it goes dark and tends to dry up if youre moving the pen too quickly. the ink also does bleed through paper as thick as index cards so watch out when drawing or writing on a pad of paper, it might be a good idea to use a bit of scrap paper to protect the other pages.

they have this term they used called "lightfast" which i'm not entirely sure of what it means, it sounds like a buzz word to me. they also claim that the ink is smudge and water resistant, as i mentioned, it doesnt smudge and i tested the ink by dumping water on a few test lines, this claim is also accurate.

the tip is felt, and chisel shapes, good in theory for making big letters, bold lines or filling i larger areas of black, they say that its durable and stands up to heavy pressure, but i found that it dulls pretty quickly and folds under pressure making line work a bit difficult.

one last thing that i think i should mention is that it smells pretty evil, worse than a marks a lot or a sharpie, while using this pen i started getting a headache and i'm pretty sure that the odor was the cause.


overall? save your money, get a sharpie or a marks a lot and don't look back. you aren't missing out on anything.

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