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Saturday, August 10, 2013

pen 66: tul ballpoint stick

get them while they last, apparently these pens are no longer being made, which really irritates me, seems like my two favorite pens have been discontinued... meh.

these pens were originally available at office max, and their website www.tul.com. you can still find them on amazon and i believe i have since seen them at safeway as well.

the tul ballpoint stick was a pen i bought because it was inexpensive and i needed a pen to fill out some paperwork while i had lunch at in and out. initially i really didn't care for them, it wasn't until later that i used one of these for drawing and i quickly fell in love. the pen is reliable, consistent in flow, doesn't really skip or stutter, it has a rubberized grip and a full range of value, making it a good pen for sketching inking and writing. there are a few shortcomings, however. the ink doesn't dry as quickly as some, the cap gets loose after a while and won't stay on either side of the pen the ink also builds up on the tip that can cause blots if you're not careful.

like i mentioned, these particular pens appear to be discontinued, the pricing as far as i can remember was around $7-$10 for a package of four pens and seem to be going on amazon for around $6 per pen.

i'm not sure that i would recommend this particular pen as there are some issues that i have pointed out out on pens that aren't really all that useful, but for me, i work around the flaws and just enjoy the pen for what it is.

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