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Friday, August 9, 2013

pen 65: pilot acroball

 as illustrated, above i have used two of the subtypes - the colors and the pure white, from what i can gather, the colors are available in a variety of colors (eight) including classics like black, blue and red.  a medium tip size, in this case, 1.0 mm.  the pure white comes in several different accent colors on the otherwise white body, and as far as i can tell, only comes in a fine point size, 0.7 mm.

both of theses pens have what is called hybrid ink which is a mixture of classic ballpoint ink and gel ink,  reading the package on the back you would think that this would herald the dawning of the golden age of clicky pens as hybrid ink claims to have all the strengths of both without any of the drawbacks.

well, lets test this.
so the ink doesn't really dry all that quickly, it will smear, that can be a good or bad thing depending on what your goal is, as far as water resistance, they are pretty dead on, and i noticed that water, if gently applied, can clean the smudge if caught early on, a little bit like watercolor paint.

the bodies themselves are average, the rubber grip no more or less comfortable than other pen in the same price range, the ink is all or nothing, it does make bold lines, but i does skip and stutter, especially if you haven't warmed it up with a few scribbles, the glide on the color is smoother than the pure white, but that probably has more to do with the point size than anything else.

these pens are úpper mid range pens,

they come in packs of one to five, and from what i've seen, seem to go for around $4-$12 depending on the quantity.

i'm not planning on buying any more of these pens, they aren't bad, but i'd rather put that money towards a pen i love.

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