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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

pen 70: pilot g-6

the pilot g-6 is a pen that i must admit, i don't really understand. i mean, i get that it's a pen, and that it exists, but why is a mystery to me.
i saw this pen the other day at a kinkos/fedex while making a quick reference guide for maya shortcuts. while i was waiting this pen caught my eye. it was on sale, a pack of two pens for a little under $5, they seem to go for a little more on the official pilot website. seeing as how i am a big fan of the g-2 series i thought that this would be a safe purchase... this is not the first time i have erred in judgment. 

the g-6 seems to me to be nothing more than a bulkier version of the g-2, no secret is made of this, it even tells you that it is refillable with the g-2 refills. yes it is mostly covered with a thin layer of rubber, but unless you are using it as a stabbing weapon or tool i don't much get the point of putting a comfort grip where no grip is to be used, when using the pen to see how well it did or didn't work i was disappointed, i don't know if i got a couple of defective pens but the ink skipped and stuttered, it didn't flow well, the glide was fair and it did have a nice bite to it. it's hard to tell though, like i said this is, in theory, the same ink reservoir that is used for the g-2 series so i dont know whats up with that. (edit: i actually removed the stock reservoir and the unit is actually labeled g7... yeah i didn't know pens could be schizophrenic, i guess you learn something new every day.)
the pen has trouble inking over pencils, meh, is okay for sketching but it seems better suited for writing than drawing. the only other thing that i can think to say about this pen is that it comes in black, blue and red ink. as for whether or not i think this pen in worth the cost, i would say no. go buy a g-2 pen if you want a solid gel pen but avoid this waste of resources if you are able to.


what they say:

"G6 Retractable Rolling Ball
The Pilot G6 provides the same G2 writing experience with a rubber coated barrel and contoured finger grip. The ink is acid-free, archival safe, and the grip improves writing comfort/control."
  • Writes just like G2, "America's #1 Selling Gel Pen"
  • Rubber coated barrel with contoured finger grip improves writing comfort and control
  • Dynamic Gel Ink Formula that's smooth writing and smear-proof
  • Acid-Free/Archival Safe ink
  • Retractable and refillable with G-2 refills

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