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Thursday, August 15, 2013

pen 71: paper mate inkjoy 500 rt

today we're going to explore the inkjoy 500 rt, so far i've reviewed the 550 and the 700 models and have had mixed feeling about the product line. to begin, the inkjoy rt can be purchased online, at staples (where i bought mine earlier today) and probably a few other places like walmart or target. the only option i had when purchasing were in a box of six, priced at just under $8. the two choices were either all black or a variety of colors, i guess this is a good time to point out that these pens are available in ten different colors including black, blue, red, green(s) etc. if you want the full list go to the website - provided a link below.

the inkjoy 500 is a bit of an odd case, or perhaps i should say that the inkjoy line is odd. generally speaking one might assume that the higher the model number and price would mean that you were getting a superior product. in the case of the inkjoy line i have to say that some of the less expensive models seem to function better than the more expensive versions.

the inkjoy 500 is considered a medium tip at 1.0mm which in other pens is usually rated bold, not that important overall but it deserves noting. this pen is a smooth ride, it glides fairly well. the ink does seem to need a little bit of scratching before it warms up and starts flowing, but once it's ready, it doesn't skip or stutter much if at all, in fact this pen does seem to build up ink that it deposits in annoying blobs as you draw or write. it has a good range of value as far as darkness goes and while it does ink just fine over pencil lines i would say that this pen is better suited for writing than drawing, at least when it comes to anything more than a sketch or doodle. if you're looking for a good art pen there are better out there for the same price, or in some cases even less.

i've included below the manufacturer's notes on the inkjoy series so that you can compare my thoughts with their claims.


what they say:

InkJoy 500 RT
The InkJoy 500 RT combines and hourglass shape with a rubberized grip to provide comfort and control. The pearlized materials and sleek design give the pen a stylish look while the metal clip provides long lasting durability.

The InkJoy Story: Our mission was simple: To develop a revolutionary ink system that would give you the best in effortless writing. We wanted to give you a pen that starts quickly without dragging, requires minimum pressure from your hand, and delivers crisp, clean lines every time. But most of all, we wanted to bring back the joy to writing, so it felt right to call it InkJoy. We hope that you feel the joy whenever you write with an InkJoy pen.

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Elaine Newell said...

A pen with a good stylus makes drawing or calligraphy on tablets easy. The rubber tip is one way of ensuring that the tip will glide across your screen.