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Saturday, August 17, 2013

pen 73: schneider slider memo xb

todays pen, the schneider slider memo xb is another unexpected addition to my pen collection, like yesterday's pen, it is also made in germany - and a little more searching on the interweb i was able to find their official website. i posted the url below if you are interested in checking out all the cool pens produced by this company.

the slider memo sports a ball tip measuring 1.4 mm, which is pretty bold. aside from the unusual point size this pen lays down a fair amount of in, the pen doesn't really skip or stutter, it does build up ink on the tip, especially if you're making heavy multiple passes. the glide is fair, it starts out with a good amount of bite but if you're going over the same area a lot it starts to get slippery. the ink also has a fair amount in the value range erring towards the lighter shades. true black with this pen is something that you would really have to work for. the ink does dry rather quickly which makes it the cleanest messiness pen i've used this far.

the body of the pen i coated with rubber, making extended use a little more comfortable and it look pretty cool design wise. this pen is a little too big for writing, for me anyway) but is useful for things like detail and shading on larger format pieces. 

last but not least. i bought this pen as a single (they had a display) and i believe it it was around the $3 mark. as for my thoughts on whether or not this pen is worth any more of my time...

... i would say yes. i like this pen quite a bit and will probably try and get a few more, i believe they come in around seven different colors including black, blue and red.


what they say:


  • Ballpoint pen with Viscoglide®-Technology for the ultimate writing experience.
  • Innovative ballpoint pen in sovereign design for an ultimate, easy gliding writing experience.
  • Thanks to the revolutionary Viscoglide®-Technology from Schneider, the Slider Memo XB glides softly over the paper. 
  • Its ergonomic rubber pen barrel means that it lies comfortably and securely in your hand. 
  • Striking memos are made possible by the extra wide wear resistant writing tip made of stainless steel. 
  • The script also dries quickly on smooth paper. 
  • The written notes are wipe-proof when marking with highlighters. 
  • With stable metal clip. Ink colour black has waterproof ink. 

office depot:
Smoother than gel — without the gel ink mess!
  • Viscoglide ink technology produces a silky writing experience. 
  • Quick-drying ink helps avoid smudging . 
  • Contoured ergonomic barrel and rubberized grip for comfortable writing. 
  • Wear-resistant stainless steel tip and strong metal pocket clip for durability. 

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