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Friday, August 16, 2013

pen 72: schneider pulse pro rt slider

before my fateful trip to office depot two days ago, i had never heard of this brand. the schneider pulse pro rt slider caught my eye as i searched in vain for a completely different pen that i have been having trouble locating. the pulse pro is a retractable tip, bold tipped pen, measuring in at 1.4 mm it definitely has an unusual niche in the pen community. aside from the unique look, the point size was the feature that grabbed my attention. like many big box stores, there was a sketchpad on the display shelf that lets you test drive the pen before making a decision as to whether or not the pen is right for you. as a huge fan of fine and micro sized pens i was taken with the bold lines this pen produces, the design of the pen is definitely what i think of when i think of european, is comfortable to hold and use and boldly states that it is made in germany.
the pulse pro had a good flow, glide and a weaker bite. it doesn't need to warm up, is nice to write and sketch with. the ink has a very subtle aroma, dries fast doesn't seem to suffer from ink buildup on the tip and has a moderate range of value when it comes to ink darkness. i found that the pen runs to the lighter side, and seems to be incapable of reaching a true black, although the dink at it's darkest has a wonderful velvety sheen to it. as for the price, i believe i paid $4 for this pen, and i feel like it is definitely worth every penny. in fact, i might be making a special trip tomorrow and see if i can't broaden my  collection of schneider products.

what they say:

Features Viscoglide® ink that writes smoother than gel
  • Ergonomic shape and rubberized surface are designed for writing comfort. 
  • Retractable wear-resistant stainles steel tip. 
  • Refillable for continued use.  Uses Viscoglide® Slider

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