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Sunday, August 18, 2013

pen 74: bic mark it chisel tip

welcome to the second semi-a pen a day- even...

chisel tips.

that's right, from labeling moving boxes, making garage sale signs, highschool banners, "have you seen me"missing pet flyers, and of course, tagging public property, the tool of choice is usually the felt tipped chisel pen.

to kick of this sub-set of pen, i am going to talk about the bic mark-it!

okay so there are things about the permanent marker that are simply universal, things like bleed, they all do it, cleanliness is another, if you aren't careful you will get this stuff on your hands, so i wont really talk much about things like that.

the bic mark-it! is available in 36 colors and packaged in 2, 4, 8 and 12 pen packages. the tip is felt but the thing i really like about this pen in particular is that it is a freaking durable tip, where other pen seem to soften over use this pen can lay down a lot of ink and still keep a nice edge which makes things like detail a lot less difficult than some of the other chisel pens out there. the ink does dry fast, and fairly clean, and the odor probably won't get you high, dizzy or lightheaded, for me it brings back memories of the swab they use on you before you get  a shot. the color is bold, strong, there is no real value range, this is an all or nothing pen. you can shade larger pieces by using different techniques, like stippling hatching or cross hatching. i use these pens for several different tasks, like large scale drawings, detailing over acrylic or watercolor paintings and filling in large areas of black,. especially when photoshop is not a viable option. as for the cost, if you can find them for around $1.50 a pen you're doing good. i highly recommend this pen and i don't do that very often for whatever that's worth. again, feedback and your thoughts on this pen are always welcome.


what they say:

chisel tip permanent markers provide a tank-style permanent marker with a chisel tip for those larger projects, such as tag sale signs or wall murals!

permanent markers offer long-lasting color and durable nibs that are great for marking on surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, wood, photos, oily and damp surfaces. all markers contain acid-free ink, no added acid; no measurable pH. And with 36 colors, the creative possibilities are endless!

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Aloquin said...

I personally love these, and have quite a few of them. They DO last... I know because I use them all the time :)